So you are wondering why you’d want to log in to a church website? Well, there are lots of reasons. You might want to connect with people you meet on Sunday morning. Or perhaps find a place to serve? Or find a small group you can feel comfortable in. It’ll also let you update your contact information, join mailing lists, and much more. It’s kinda like Facebook but for the church. Don’t get us wrong, Facebook is great. We even have our own FaceBook page. On top of that, we use Facebook all the time ourselves… often during business hours but Shhh, don’t tell the executive pastor. That being said, sometimes we want to communicate internally or provide you information we don’t want to make totally public.  This it the place we do it.

If you’ve already signed up, just log in to the left or click Sign Up to get an account.

See you online!

p.s. We will NEVER sell or use your email or other contact info for anything other than church business… and if we do may our computers melt in a fiery glob of silicon and plastic forever clogging our internet connection.