Passion for Planting is New Life’s church planting ministry. As a church planting church, and, through God’s blessing, we have helped start many additional growing churches. When we first began, our vision was to help start one new church every year. In 2002 we expanded our vision to be actively working with at least four church planters at any given time. Through God’s blessing, we’ve directly supported over 100 church plants and impacted countless other church plants by providing free resources, training and project management.

Below a snapshot of what God has been doing. The first number are churches supported in 2016 through August 1st, the second number is our cumulative total.

Tier 1 Support:

Churches Launched:
1 / 105

Project Management Services:
3 ($30,000*)/90

Cash Grants:
5 ($23,000*) / 29 ($616,000)

Cohort Residents:
5 ($50,000*) / 5

Tier 2 Support:

PlanterPlan Users:
374 / 617

Bi-Monthly Planter Coaching Groups:
Averaging 26 attendees

Exponential Workshops:
5 totaling 252 attendees

Free Demographic Reports:
307 / 3,680

Tier 3 Support:

Free Resource Downloads:
9,600 from 48 states and 39 countries

Online Course Enrollment:
449 / 2,274

Launch Strong Book Gifts:
312 printed, 119 downloads

* Dollar value provided to church plants totaling $83,000 so far in 2016

We current provide the following services to church planters:

  • Free Resources
    Every church planters likes to download free resources or request free demographics reports.
  • Church Planting Software
    We developed a suite of online tools to help church planters plant healthier churches.
  • Residency Training Program
    We train future church planters by providing church planting residencies and training both at New Life and at other church plants around the nations.
  • Project Management Services
    We not only help church planters do the right things at the right time, but serve as their subject matter expert, administrative and legal assistant, and executive minister in the months leading up to launch.
  • Exponential
    We also support Exponential which is all about accelerating the growth of new churches across the US and the World. We provide support and teaching for the annual conferences reaching over 7,500 church planters and church planting leaders.

And those are just the big things. We also have planter coaching groups, provide phone consultation, church planting grants, and more. One last side note: 12% of all our offerings go toward our church planting efforts. Every time you give to New Life you not only support our local ministry but also help start new churches. We think that’s pretty cool.

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