Awaken NOVA is a call for us to fast and pray as a church for God to do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine here in Northern Virginia. It’s a call for us to set aside one or more meals each week leading up to Easter to spend focused time in prayer to ask God to do in His strength what we cannot do in our weakness.

Why: We are surrounded by people who are spiritually dead. We want to change that. We are motivated by those we know and by the masses around us who desperately need Jesus.

Who: Our strategy is to recruit 400 people to fast and pray with us through Easter for God to Awaken NOVA.

When: While our current focus is from now until Easter, we encourage you to consider making fasting for Northern Virginia a regular spiritual discipline.

Where: There are 20 independent counties and cities in NOVA. We are praying that God awakens all 3.2 million people to his love and leadership.

How: To be a part simply set aside 1 or more meals a week and spend that time praying for God to awaken NOVA. Let us know you are participating by texting Awaken to 703-454-5990 and we’ll send you daily prayer prompts and occasional resources to help. Don’t want the text prompts but still want to let us know you are in? Email Awaken to Then start your fast. If you don’t get a response to your initial text, send start to kickstart the texting system.

Got more questions? Contact your Campus Pastor, or Email for more information.
Chantilly: Email Pat. He’d love to chat.
Linton Hall: Email Preston. He’d love to share more with you.
Online: Email Tom. He’d love to answer your questions.