Bible in a Year Reading Plans (1 Year)

March 5, 2024

Bible in a Year 1x1 (1)

We all need HOPE. As we step into a new year, there are lots of things we will chase after to give us a fresh start and HOPE. While you may do a variety of things, we have discovered that reading God’s word in the Bible brings renewal and HOPE. The Bible’s timeless promises remind us that God is always with us no matter what the future holds. Filling our minds with God’s word washes away anxiety about tomorrow, reassuring us of God’s faithfulness. As you make reading the Bible part of your daily routine, God will use His living word to instill lasting confidence and bright HOPE for the year ahead! The Bible is filled with God’s promises and guides for how we can live life to the full.

This year we want to be people who know and understand the Bible so we can embrace all that God has for us. That is why we are encouraging everyone to read the Bible in a year. Our hope is that by spending this time as a Church reading the Bible this year we will grow in our faith which will help us grow as individuals. 

At New Life we are offering 3 different ways you can read through the Bible in 2024.

Facebook Group – In this group you will be encouraged with daily scripture reading and reflections, and are encouraged to discuss what you are reading each day. You can be part of this group by clicking this link.

YouVersion Bible Study Group – We have 3 options for you here. You can choose to either read the Old Testament, New Testament or whole Bible in a Year. Each of these plans will give you a reading to do and space to write and share your thoughts on the passage.

  • One Year Bible – This group will be led by Brett Andrews and he will be walking through the Bible for the year. If you would like to be part of this group, please click here.
  • Chronological Bible Reading Plan  – This group and plan goes through the Bible in chronological order. You will go through the whole bible starting in Genesis, through the Old Testament and then through the New Testament starting in Matthew and ending in Revelation.
  • Whole Bible in a Year – This group will go over the Bible reading and Old Testament passage, New Testament passage and a Psalm or Proverb each day.

Text Group – Text “Bible” to 703-454-5990 and you will receive a list of daily readings to do sent to your phone so you can read each day.

All three different groups will take you through the Bible in a year and will be a great way for you to grow in your faith. We are also working on other opportunities to everyone process what you are reading and discuss it. Stay tuned for those opportunities.

If you have any questions about any of these groups, feel free to email Tom.

Which one will you do?

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