No matter what time of year it is, there is always a potential for bad weather to strike. From thunderstorms and flooding in the summer to winter snow and ice storms, there is potential for bad weather to hit and really hurt parts of your community.

Bad weather brings great opportunities. In fact, these events are great opportunities for you to help others in your community and build friendships that can help lead people to Christ or connect them with a group of believers. How is that? Here are some ideas on how you can use a snow storm to reach your community for Christ.

  • snow shovelingSnow Shoveling. It never fails, either during the snowstorm or right after everyone in the neighborhood comes out to shovel snow. That time itself provides great opportunities for you to have conversations with your neighbors…maybe for the first time. Pray for God to guide you to strike up a simple conversation to get to know them. Who knows where God will lead it.
  • More Snow Shoveling. After your shovel your own driveway, go walk around the neighborhood and see who might need some help shoveling snow. Pray before you go out to ask God to lead you to people He wants you to help. Then set out, help some folks and converse with them while you help. God may lead you to have a great conversation that can begin then and continue over time. Trust God.
  • Dinner Opportunities. When snow strikes people are usually hunkered in their houses and just relax. However, being stuck inside their house all day can be exhausting especially if you have small kids. One way you can reach your community is to invite some of your neighbors over for a dinner and movie time together. Be the host and invite others over to your house so they can get out of the house themselves. Pray before you invite others and before they come over. Then see where God leads you over dinner.
  • Other Food Opportunities. Use the snow to do good…food good. Maybe you can make some cupcakes or cookies and then take them over to a neighbor. You don’t have to have a long conversation with them as you deliver the goodies, but it can be a first step in having more conversations with them down the road.

Bad weather happens. But with bad weather comes real opportunities for you to reach out and help your neighbors and community. While snow looks great at first, it does cause some issues. These four suggestions are a starting point to countless other opportunities for you to help. Keep praying how God can use you and see where He leads you.

Share your stories! What have you done in the past to reach your community during a snow storm? Share below.