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January 7, 2013

Typical Home

Typical home in the community we will be serving

This Sunday, Jan 13th, you have the chance to change the story of a child in South America. Several months ago I was blessed to be able to visit South America. Here I met some new friends. Friends who are changing the story of 150 children living in poverty. They need our help.

New Church Property

The church planter was able to give us a tour of the propter of the future church

You see, we have helped start a church in South America. There are 150 children who have registered for the Compassion International student center that is affiliated with that church. About 50 have been sponsored. Our goal is to sponsor the remaning 100 children in the coming weeks. This Sunday you will have an opportunity after service to sponsor a child. It’s just $38/mo and really will change the story of the child’s life. Sponsoring a child allows the staff of the Student Center to provide your sponsored child with Bible teaching, hygiene and nutrition education, medical checkups, sports competitions, special celebrations, homework help and math and language workshops. The center staff will also provide family workshops and parenting education for the parents or guardians of your sponsored child. And most importantly, they are taught and shown the love of Christ who died for them and offers to change the story of their eternity.

Some of you already sponsor children. That’s awesome. We are thrilled and encourage you to share your story of sponsorship with others. Some of you may decide this is a great chance to sponsor a second child. One benefit of sponsoring a child through New Life is because we will be doing mission trips to South American so you will have the opportunity to not only meet your child, but see the church and student center where they get their much needed assistance.

Is it worth it? Just ask Elisabeth…

Erika Palacio Ceden

Erika is the director of the student center.

There are 100 children who are just like Elisabeth who are praying to be supported. They’ve been registered with Compassion for about 6 months and are currently receiving limited support. By signing up to sponsor a child this Sunday you will enable Compassion to provide their full services to your child. And that’s pretty cool! Be a part.

You can also be a part by helping us in our partnership. If you are interested in helping coordinate our first mission trip down to South America please let us know. If you are willing to share your story of sponsoring a child, please comment below. If you can’t be here this sunday or next sunday but still want to sponsor a child contact the church office and they’ll be happy to help you out. If you do sponsor a child, expect to not only change their story, but to have your story changed as well.

Still got questions? Perhaps the Compassion Child Sponsorship FAQ will help.

-Patrick Furgerson

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