Fun Stuff Page!

November 15, 2013

Did you know we have a fun stuff page on our website?

It’s where you can download our App, cool wallpapers for your computer or mobile device, and click to see some of our funny videos. We even have a user submitted wallpaper design. Or create your own and send it to us to share. You can access the most recent fun stuff by going to our website and clicking the “Fun Stuff” button on the left side under the blimp. Check back every so often. You never know what we might add.

Here is the current list of Fun Stuff:

New Life App:


Show your New Life and campus pride by sporting our logo on your desktop. The sizes below are optimized for a variety of common resolutions and devices. If yours is not listed choose the nearest size to match your device. Chantilly graphics have a blue logo on an orange background while the Haymarket graphics have a green logo on a blue background. Choose whichever you like best.

  • User Submitted:


Oh… and since we like having fun you can check out some of our funny videos here.

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