Give God Some Credit

January 23, 2015

Give God Some Credit“Give God some credit…”

Those words were spoken to Brett after he shared with his mentor, Bob Russell, his frustrations that New Life wasn’t meeting his expectations; that he had dreamed and prayed to be a church planting church, and that New Life would be reaching many people far from God. But neither of these happened… at least not in the time or way Brett had initially thought. He was at his wits end, beaten down, frustrated, and just plain tired. He recounts:

“Over dinner, I shared our woes: ‘We’ve dreamed! We’ve tried! Nothing’s happening! No momentum! No church planter! No money!’ Bob listened patiently then responded with classic Russell candor: ‘Brett, give God some credit. Maybe, God knows what He’s doing. Maybe, God is giving you everything and everyone you can handle right now.'”

That wasn’t what Brett expected or wanted to hear. In Brett’s new eBook, Give God Some Credit, he drops his guard and shares the story of New Life as an encouragement and challenge to church planters.  He shares the ups, the downs, and the in between of the process. Actually, he mostly shares the downs. It’s been a long journey. God has taken Brett and New Life to unexpected places. But in the end, Brett gives God ALL the credit for what He has done in and through New Life.

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