Godly Friendships that Last

May 13, 2024


Friendships are important relationships that enrich our lives in numerous ways. True friends provide support, encouragement, laughter, and someone to share our joys and struggles with. A great example of this found in the Bible is the friendship between Jonathan and David. We read about this recently in one of out Bible reading plans at New Life. Over the course of reading through 1 Samuel we saw that even though Jonathan was a prince who would normally be David’s rival, he and David formed a deep and lasting connection that is an example of us all.

friendship Their friendship began when Jonathan, the prince and son of Saul, recognized that David was the one chosen by God to be the next king (1 Samuel 18:1-4). Instead of jealousy, Jonathan showed humble acceptance of God’s plan. He loved David as he loved himself, making a covenant of loyalty and giving him his robe, armor, and weapons – surrendering his rights to the throne.

Jonathan also showed the true nature of his friendship through his repeated protection of David against Saul, his father. Saul tried many times to kill David (1 Samuel 19-20). But Jonathan was willing to risk his own life to defend David, his friend. He truly lived out what Proverbs 17:17 says “A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.”

Jonathan’s selfless love for David reminds us that godly friends don’t act out of insecurity, jealousy or competition. True friends honor each other, celebrate one another’s successes, and spur each other on toward living for God’s purposes. As we strive to build godly friendships, we must be willing to love sacrificially by putting our friend’s interests above our own and supporting them even when it costs us. We rally around our friends during hardship and use our influence to protect and provide for them.


The story of David and Jonathan shows the beauty of a friendship centered on submission to God’s will, humble love for each other, and the commitment to go through anything side-by-side. These types of friendships teach us about unconditional love, communication, loyalty, and how to be a better person through the mutual investment in one another’s wellbeing. May we all have friends who sharpen our faith in this way.

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