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January 28, 2015

To expand the topics we cover on our blog and give you more fresh content we are starting to feature blog posts from a number of New Lifers. Today’s feature comes from Mark Boughner who writes Life in Khaos.

His posts typically include his rendition of a song that’s been on his mind. Click through to his original post to listen to his recording.

We hope you enjoy…

Dance, Dance, Dance

January 25, 2015 by khaos

This past week, I saw a “feel good” news story about seniors snow-tubing.

I think my favorite part of the video was when a 90 year old gentleman said,”the kids do it, you know…but they don’t have any brains at all. But that’s ok, I don’t have any brains either…But I still did it…”

I found myself reflecting on scenes from the movie “Cocoon” where a group of elderly folk are rejuvenated through some alien life source or glow.

It’s true that aching bones, failing eye sight, greying hair are all things that teach us to “number our days.” However, despite the unavoidable, it seems that finding joy in the simplest of things can keep the those young in heart still active and enjoy life and living.

A friend of mine reminded me of a Steve Miller Band. The lyrics suggest that maybe we don’t need an alien life form, but a simpler solution perhaps found in singing and dancing. I like that thought!

Steve Miller BandClick HERE to listen to Mark’s version of Dance, Dance, Dance by Steve Miller Band

Dance, Dance, Dance

by Steve Miller Band

My grandpa he’s ninety-five

He keeps on dancing he’s still alive

My grandma she’s ninety-two

she loves to dance and sing some too

I don’t know but I’ve been told

If you keep on dancing you’ll never grow old

Come on darlin’ put a pretty dress on we’re gonna go out tonight


Dance Dance Dance x3 (All night long)

I’m a hard workin man I’m a sun of a gun

I been workin all week in the noonday sun

the wood’s in the kitchen the cow’s in the barn

I’m all cleaned up and my chores are all done

Take my hand come along let’s go out and have some fun

Come on darlin’ put a pretty dress on we’re gonna go out tonight


Well come on darlin’ don’t you look that way

Don’t know when you smile I’ve got to say

You’re my honey-pumpkin-lover you’re my heart’s delight

Don’t you want to go out tonight

You’re such a pretty lady you’re such a sweet girl

When you dance it brightens up my world

Come on darlin’ put a pretty dress on we’re gonna go out tonight

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