It’s summer and that means that means it is time for NEW summer interns! Our Internship and Residency program is an great way to train college-aged students and give them practical experience for potential careers in ministry. Not only do the students learn a ton and get plenty of hands-on training, but they are vital in helping New Life accomplish our summer ministry goals.

Introducing our two Summer Interns and one year long Resident for 2019.


From L to R: Zac Davis, Poe Stowe, Luke Kimery

Zac Davis, Student Ministry Resident, Mid-Atlantic Christian University

Fun Fact: I have never lost at Top Golf – challengers accepted.

Why did I come to New Life? I’ll just give a few of the reasons why I came here. First, the connections that I have here were a huge part of the decision. My fiancé, Brealle, interned in the Children’s Ministry last summer and absolutely loves this place. Cruz, the Worship Minister here at New Life, has been a great friend of mine for a few years as well. Secondly, this place is super sweet! Have you noticed the indoor soccer fields, various fitness programs, and washboard abs on Tom Pounder? Seriously though, I believe that God is using my past experiences and the changes that Jesus has brought into my life to be a positive influence on students. New Life presents an awesome opportunity to do that. I’m excited for the chance to make an impact for God while I am here at New Life.

Luke Kimery, Student Ministry Intern, Johnson University

Fun fact: I am the captain of my colleges ultimate frisbee team.

Why did I come to New Life? I am passionate about ministry, sports, and church planting, and New Life is too! New Life stands out to me as an uncommon church because it is driven by creating relationships with people by meeting the communities needs. I hope to grow in my experience and knowledge of ministry while I am here.

Chris “Poe” Stowe, Student Ministry Intern, Mid-Atlantic Christian University 

Fun Fact: I have a BB stuck under my left eye from an accident that happened when I was 13.

Why did I come to New Life? I came to New Life this summer looking for an internship where I could really grow in my faith and learn as much as I could about student ministry. From experiences in my own life I now have a passion for sharing the God’s Word with those who are hurting and in need of His love in their lives. When I applied for internships this past semester, I prayed for awhile over each decision and I just felt like New Life was the best place for me to grow! With that being said, I am looking forward to this experience and everything that I will learn over the summer!


If you are a college-aged student or know of one who would like to be a New Life Intern for the Summer of 2020, check out our webpage here