Sharing a Meal

January 27, 2014

BB CrowdWe like to eat together here at New Life. From snacks on Sunday morning with our coffee and people meeting together after services for a meal, to large events like the Bud Bash. This bit of sharing life together brings us closer and is fun. We like fun.

But not everyone has enough to eat around us. Which is one of the reasons Passion for Community was founded. Our food pantry feeds several families each week through the donations received through the shopping cart that sits in the nZone lobby every day.

BB Family

At this year’s Bud Bash, we had the unique opportunity of open seats that we could offer those around the corner from us that might not have enough to eat that evening. The ice storm, impending icy roads and general wintery-ness of the day kept about half of the people who had paid for a spot at the Bud Bash V away. While we already had plans for the leftovers to go to The Lamb Center and the like, we had plenty of extra food to offer that evening as well. So others were invited in. Whole families from the Meadows were asked to come over and enjoy a hot meal in a warm building. It was a beautiful picture of Jesus at work.

One of my resolutions for this year is to be more purposeful in inviting people to my house for a meal. They may not necessarily be people who are not sure where their next meal will be coming from, but they will be friends, neighbors, and acquaintances. Great things take place over meals, and great conversations when you mix up your circles around a table.

So take a moment to share a meal with someone, or a cup of coffee and see where the conversations take you.

-Anna Mari Green

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