The Foundry Road Trip

October 22, 2013

Foundry LogoDid you know that New Life has grandkids? Yup, it’s true and just last Sunday a group of 12 New Lifers took a “road trip” up to Baltimore to visit them!

Here’s the story: Back in 2010, New Life sent Josh Burnett to plant Revolution Annapolis (New Life’s Daughter Church) who are celebrating their 3rd birthday this Sunday, October 27th. Scott Ancarrow joined the staff of Revolution as a church planter in residence and served a key role in the growth of Revolution. Then in 2013 Scott, along with some other partnering churches, began the process of planting The Foundry church in Baltimore which launched just 4 weeks ago on September 29th. So The Foundry is New Life’s Granddaughter Church! How cool is that!

Foundry GroupYa know that grandparents just have to see the grandkids, right? So that’s why New Life sent 12 volunteers up to Baltimore last Sunday to lend a hand at The Foundry. Our team had a blast off loading the trailer and setting up for church which meets in a restaurant-banquet facility called Tabrizi’s. We then helped out with greeting, hospitality, parking lot and Foundry Kids. After church we assisted in breaking down and packing up the trailers.

So, rest assure in knowing that our “grandkids” our doing fine, but there’s a LOT of work to still be done to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to the city of Baltimore. So, what can you do? Pray every day for Scott Ancarrow, his wife Amber, and the entire Foundry Team!

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