Thinking Critically & Biblically

June 9, 2014

thinking thoughtful manOne of the things I often say at Discovering New Life is that we need the Bible to inform us about the culture around us rather than letting our culture inform us about what the Bible says… or rather what the culture wants the Bible to say. What I mean by that is the Bible never changes. God’s desire for us never changes. God’s standard of how we are to love Him and one another, never changes.

Culture changes. I could give lots of examples here but I’m sure you’d agree that our culture is not the same today as it was 10 years ago.

I prefer to base my life and my beliefs on the steady rock of God and His words to us in the Bible than something that cannot be counted on to believe the same thing in 10 years much less 2000 years.

Bob Russell pastored Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY for many years growing it from 120 people to the neighborhood of 20,000 over his tenure. He has recently started a new blog that I’ve been enjoying. Part of what he’s been addressing recently has been thinking critically and biblically. Here are three posts that got me thinking. Check them out. May your thinking be challenged.

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