We were made to serve…

It’s no secret, there is pure joy in serving others. Jesus was the best example of this, teaching his disciples by his actions, showing them what it meant to be a servant. Mark 10:45 “For even the son of man did not come to be served, but to serve, and give his life as a ransom for many.”

If you call New Life your home on Sundays, be a part of God’s work here. We can’t do it on our own. We serve over 800 people every Sunday morning, and thousands more during the week between the nZone operations and community outreach. You could start by volunteering once a month. You will be surprised at how much fun you end up having, and when we use our gifts for God, it’s impossible not to experience an absolute joy that lasts all week long!

Community Outreach
Volunteer Opportunities

Help us show God’s love to the community by giving a couple hours of your time. The joy you will experience while creating joy for others is unmistakable.

9am every Saturday

  • Deliver furniture to families in need to literally give them a bed to sleep on. You can change someone’s life in a few hours. The volunteers make the deliveries quick, fun, and absolutely inspiring. Weekly opportunities.

Sound good? to volunteer!


  • Know how to find money? Help us raise money for Passion for Community.

Sound good? to volunteer!

Various Days All Year Long

  • Serving at New Life, nZone, or other community events including: bounce house attendant, hot dog griller, face painter, game manager, and more…

Extroverts and introverts welcome. Sound good? to volunteer!

Various Days All Year Long

  • Volunteer locally to bring a little fun to our community. Whether it’s an area neighborhood, at the nZone, or at a fair in downtown Bristow, put a smile on someone’s face by making our events safe places for people to experience God. Various opportunities throughout the year.

to get added to the list of fun people!

Various Days All Year Long

  • We’ve got toys! Everything from moon bounces and popcorn machines to inflatable movie screen and snow-cone machines. Help us get them in the hands of New Lifers by cleaning, scheduling, maintaining and generally preparing the toys.

Extroverts and introverts welcome. Sound good? to volunteer!

Various Days All Year Long

  • Serving New Lifers and others in our “family” during times where a little extra help could make a huge difference. It could be as simple as driving someone to a doctor’s appointment or dropping off a meal. Other times it could be helping with a household chore or visiting someone in the hospital.

People who love to show love welcome. Sound good? to volunteer or if you or someone you know has a need!

Various Days All Year Long

  • Serving in the community by: delivering meals to local under-resourced families, performing home or auto repairs, providing support for pregnant teens, and more…

Extroverts and introverts welcome. Sound good? to volunteer!

Sunday Morning
Volunteer Opportunities

It takes over 200 people to make our weekend services happen each week. This is where most of our volunteer opportunities are, and even better, few require prior experience!

6am-7:30am (Chantilly)
am-8:30am (Linton Hall)

  • Help setup carpets and chairs, children’s ministry, signs, hospitality, and/or sound & a/v equipment.

No experience required! Sound good? to volunteer!

Saturday & Sunday afternoons (Linton Hall only)

  • Drive our truck to haul the equipment the trailer to and from Piney Branch.

Truck provided, bring your driving experience! Sound good? to volunteer!

12:15-1pm (Chantilly)
11:45-12:30pm (Linton Hall)

  • Help stack chairs and put away or clean up in hospitality, lobby and resource center.

No experience required! Sound good? to volunteer!

During all services

  • Help check-in, teach/assist with lessons or games, hold babies, keep kids safe, let parents worship worry free.

Background check required. Sound good? to volunteer!

During all services

  • Run audio/video/lighting systems, run camera or computer(s) during service.

Experience appreciated, training provided. Sound good? to volunteer!

During all services

  • Keep people fueled. Setup snacks, brew coffee and keep everything refilled.

Sound good? to volunteer!

During all services

  • Give 10 minutes of your time to help hand out communion trays and collection bags at the end of a service. Great job for introverts! No talking required!

Sound good? to volunteer!

During all services

  • Be the first person someone sees as they enter New Life, creating a safe, welcoming environment for people to experience the love of Jesus. Some dancing in the rain and belly laughing may be required!

Smiles required. Sound good? to volunteer!

Specialized Opportunities

Not sure a specific team is your calling? We could use your God-given special skills in the upkeep of the place we call home every Sunday


  • We always have posters to design. Want to help make awesome social media, website, and Sunday screen graphics? Help us shout how good God is!

Sound good? to volunteer!


  • Those awesome videos don’t create themselves. Daniel could use someone for a few hours during the week to help shoot videos or create videos on your own to help us tell stories of what God is doing at New Life! Got experience we can learn from? We want to talk to you too!

Experience appreciated but not required. Sound good? to volunteer!


  • Our website is a front door and many people’s first exposure to New Life and our other ministries. It’s about time we refresh some of them so help us put our best foot forward.

Sound good? to volunteer!


  • Love tweeting, posting, and generally hanging out online? So do we… perhaps a bit too much. Leverage that passion to let people know about the great stuff going through New Life and the nZone.

Sound good? to volunteer!


  • Know the difference between clickthrough rate and conversion rate? Get the word out by leveraging Google AdWords and more to invite people into a relationship with Christ.

Sound good? to volunteer!


  • We want to share only the best content in our emails, websites, and other collateral. Please don’t make Anna Mari write everything.
  • We’d really like to publish press releases about the great things God is doing in and through you.

Sound good? to volunteer!


  • Got a few hours on a weekday? We could really use help organizing, filing, copying, assembling, folding, phone calling, database managing, and more.

Sound good? to volunteer!

nZone Facility Opportunities

Maintaining and operating the nZone is a huge job. Every dollar we save by having volunteers helps us spend more money reaching people for Christ or lowering our prices to make the nZone more accessible.


  • Just like on Sunday morning you can be the first person someone sees as they enter the nZone, creating a safe, welcoming environment for people to experience the love of Jesus. Answer basic questions and make the nZone the friendliest place in NoVa.

Sound good? to volunteer!


  • Turns out soccer balls are pretty rough on walls… so are people lugging 100lb equipment bags. We pretty much always have a wall or two that could use some TLC. Help us make the nZone shine.

Sound good? to volunteer!


  • We have loose dashers, we have doors that need adjusted, and we have undone cabinetry work like building shelving and repairing units.

Sound good? to volunteer!


  • You know those light fixtures with dark bulbs? Turns out it’s not the bulbs. We’d rather not pay hazard duty rates for the electrician to use that big scary lift. Work with 110 and 277? Let us know.

Sound good? to volunteer!


  • We just can’t seem to keep all the drains unplugged or faucets working quite like they are supposed to. Just about the time we fix one of those, a toilet starts flushing on it’s own and for some reason that seems to freak out the three year olds who are potty training. You can make parents everywhere rejoice.

Sound good? to volunteer!


  • We think Ben got stuck in the air duct. No, actually, our office HVAC system has been acting up and would love for someone to come take a look at it and possibly fix up or clean the system.

Sound good? to volunteer!


  • We have a storage room that could use some organization. We keep trying to find time to do it, but haven’t made it that far. Could you come in for a couple hours and help us make some headway?

Sound good? to volunteer!


  • There is always something that needed cleaned. Fitness equipment, dasher boards, the occasional load of laundry, and much more. Make the nZone shine!

Sound good? to volunteer!

Still lost?

  • and ask for help finding a place to serve.
  • Use Find Your Spot to discover how God has wired you to serve.