New Life creates safe places where people discover God

Please let us introduce you to God at a weekend service near you. We promise if you come as you are you’ll fit right in. No special clothes or anything required. Just come and see. We think you’ll enjoy the coffee, the music, and knowing your kids are having a blast in KidZone. Click to find out what to expect. We know this isn’t the only place you can discover God. But it is one of the easiest ways to discover God and begin your Life in 3D.

We also know that not everyone can make it to church every week so we provide the following opportunities for you to discover God all week long. But first a quick note about the teaching at New Life. First, we believe the Bible. All our messages are based on the Bible which we believe to be God’s word and authority. Secondly, we have a number of teachers who speak at both of our campuses. Some are on staff, some are friends, and others are church planters who have started their own churches. That said, they are all passionate about the message they have to share. You’ll find yourself encouraged and challenged by what they have to say.