You’ve probably heard people say that we need Jesus as our Lord and Savior before. Often they say it while condemning you and saying you are a lost sinner and you aren’t even sure if you are either since you know where you are (so not lost) and better than most people (so not a sinner). The reality is what it means to reconcile with God is a little more complicated than either just getting baptized or saying some prayer. There is a depth of meaning and understanding that should go along with that. What does it mean that Jesus died for us? Why is baptism important? What happens when I’m baptized?

These questions and more are answered at your Discovering Salvation class. While this class is not specifically required to be baptized, we highly recommend you either attend one or talk to a leader at New Life if you are considering becoming a Christian and/or getting baptized. Want to do some reading on your own? Read more about baptism here.

See also our Discovering New Life Class.