Thanks in Advance!

Thank you so much for considering making a financial donation to New Life. We are grateful for everyone who supports us in this way and want nothing more than you to listen to how God is speaking to you about supporting His work here at New Life. Below you’ll find lots of information about giving at New Life but feel free to reach out to us with any questions. Email or call 703.222.8836.

Secure Online Portal:

Our secure online portal is the most common way people give to New Life. You can donate once or setup a recurring gift. Either way, if you create an account it will remember all your settings to make it faster in the future. Feel free to call us if you have any questions about the process. You can also read more detailed instructions here.
Give Now

Other Ways to Give:

  • Text2Give
    Text any dollar amount to 84321 to give. The first time you’ll follow a quick, self-guided setup process. After that, donating is as easy as sending a text.
  • Mail a Check
    Yup. We still take checks. Make it out to NLCC and send it to:
    New Life Christian Church
    14550 Lee Road
    Chantilly, VA 20151

    If you have your bank send us a check to the above address we have a few helpful tips: If they require a phone number, please use the main church number, 703-222-8836. If they require an account number, just put “donation”.

  • Corporate Matches
    Did you know that Dell, IBM, and other companies match gifts given to charities. Some companies match dollar for dollar to double your gift. Imagine how much that can add up over a year? New Life is a part of several of these programs including YourCause, Benevity and Truist. If your company will match donations and you can’t find New Life as a charity in the program, contact us and we can help.

Regardless of which donation method you choose, you can track all your donations to New Life (a 501(c)(3) charitable religious organization) through Planning Center Online. You will also receive a tax exempt donation receipt at the end of the year.

Thanks for your contributions. It’s only through your generosity we are able to accomplish the work God has for us.

Giving FAQ

  • What accountability is in place?

    New Life Christian Church finances are maintained by our Finance Department, overseen by the Business Manager who reports to our Executive Pastor of Business. The Business Manager & Executive Pastor are accountable to a Finance Team who serve at the request of our Leadership Team. The Finance Team meets and reviews the Financial Statements on a monthly basis.

  • What is Making Room?

    In the Fall of 2018, we asked everyone to be a part of making more room for Christ in their hearts and more room for people to experience Christ’s love at the nZone by expanding our facilities. You can read a lot more here.

  • Does New Life really give 12% of offerings to Church Planting?

    We sure do. We believe in developing disciple makers who make a difference and we want to put our money where our mouth is. We invest 12% of our budget toward church planting in the US and around the world. We believe in investing where God is working and want to model that as a church.

    But that’s not all. We also give 10% of all our Making Room donations to church planting and another 1% of our offerings to other global missions work.

  • What kinds of fees are associated with gifts that I make to New Life

    There are no fees associated with cash and checks that you give directly to New Life through the offering on the weekends or by mail, including checks that you directly initiate through your bank.  Online ACH transactions you make are reduced by a small $0.25 per transaction fee. Online Credit/Debit Card transactions are reduced by a 2.15% + $0.30 per transaction fee.

    So, if you set up a weekly $500 donation, it works out like this:

    • Credit Card: $10.75 (2.15% of $500) + $0.30 x 52 weeks = $574.60 in fees annually.
    • ACH Bank Transfer: $0.25 x 52 weeks = $12.50 in fees annually.

    Please note: The above fees are not paid by you, but rather are charged to New Life unless you check the box on our giving portal to add the fees to your donation. Thanks for considering giving in ways that minimize fees.

  • What is our security policy?

    Your information is held securely by New Life Christian Church and Planning Center Online (our database and giving portal). This information will remain private and will never be given away to third parties.

  • What is our refund policy?

    You can schedule new contributions at any time and can modify or cancel those contributions at any time prior to the date they are scheduled. Under certain circumstances refunds can be made. The circumstances include how long it has been since the donation was made and refunds cannot be made for gifts given before the current calendar year. Refunds typically take 2 full weeks to process and will not be processed until your donation has fully cleared. If you encounter any problems adjusting your contribution or have any questions related to this process, please contact us at or call the church office at 703-222-8836.