Most Sunday nights from 6-8 pm at different houses in the area (see below), high school students from the different schools will be able to meet up, have dinner/snacks together and talk about life and how God has a unique plan for our life. The only time we will not meet in home groups on a Sunday night is for s special event or holiday break.

Our Home Groups are geographically based as we want students from the same high schools connecting with each other throughout the week, not just on Sunday nights. However, we want our students to be involved in whatever group they feel most comfortable in.

Home Groups begin Sept. 12th.

Chantilly and South Riding Home Group (Pounder’s house). For the month of September the Chantilly area and South Riding/Stone Bridge area Home Groups will meet together and then break off on Oct. 6th. Group meets from 6-8 pm.

Westfield Home Group (Dennis’ house). This group consists primarily of Westfield High School students and meets from 7-8:30 pm.