This Week:

June 2 – Night of Prayer – Chantilly

7pm First Friday Night of Prayer
Come and pray with us! We will pray for a variety of things including the Chantilly campus, the people we are talking to about Jesus, our disciples, churchplanters, and more. This monthly prayer meeting will take place on Friday, June 2, at the Furgerson’s home. for the address or more information.

June 4 – Got Cereal?

Drop off by June 4!
Cedar Creek Christian Camp (formerly Tri-State) keeps the cost for campers really low by having churches donate items. New Life is providing cereal this year. We need to collect enough boxes of cereal to feed hungry campers for 6 weeks of camp (that’s a LOT of cereal) and we need your help!
Grab an extra box (or 2 or 3!) of cereal when you go shopping – the large Costco or BJ’s ones are great. It can be any kind of cereal, keeping in mind that this is for kids, so probably no Raisin Bran!
Drop the cereal off at the KidZone Check-in area by June 4. Or you can drop it off at the nZone anytime until June 4. For more information, contact !

June 4 – Recognizing our HS Seniors!

Senior Spotlight @ Chantilly
Graduation is just around the corner and we want to congratulate our Seniors and acknowledge all their hard work!
June 4 is Senior Spotlight! Chantilly’s  graduating Seniors will be recognized after third service. for more information.

June 4 – KidZone Baptism Classes

Calling all Parents! Has your child been asking about baptism and wants to know more? The Baptism Class offered by KidZone at each campus will explain the need for baptism and what it means to be baptized. If you would like more information about the time and location of this class:
for more information on the Chantilly class on June 4.

June 4 – Discovering New Life

1 pm on Zoom!
Have you ever wondered what we are all about and why we do the things we do? Find out more at Discovering New Life. We will talk about what’s important to us, and take a look at Next Steps. to RSVP and get the link. Or

June 4 – NL@N End of Year Bash

6-8pm @ the nZone!
Calling all Middle School and High School students! Join us at the nZone for New Life @ Night to kick off summer! There will be great food, fun stuff to do, and a message that will encourage you in your faith. Questions? for more info!

Coming Up Next:

June 5 – September 6: Paul’s Letters Text Bible Study

Receive a daily text and short video
The Apostle Paul wrote several books in the New Testament of the Bible. This summer, we are going to read through the books that Paul wrote as the Summer Bible Reading series! Spend this summer reading the Bible daily. Join the text group today. Text “PAUL” to 703-454-5990.

June 7 – Night of Prayer – Linton Hall

Linton Hall First Wednesday Night of Prayer
Come and pray with us. We will pray for a variety of things including the Linton Hall campus, the people we are talking to about Jesus, our disciples, churchplanters, and more. This first monthly prayer meeting will take place on Wednesday, June 7, at the Bills’ home. for more information.

June 9 – New Life in the Park

6-8pm @ James Long Park
Summer evenings are a great time to head to the park! Linton Hall is going to be at James Long Park on June 9 for an evening of food and fellowship. for more information or to RSVP.

June 11 – Parent Commitment Sunday

Register by May 7 to participate!
You have been entrusted with this precious gift of life and we look forward to partnering with you as you begin this journey. Our Baby Day – Parent Dedication gives you the opportunity to think about and invest in the most valuable things for your child’s future. There is a mandatory breakfast and discussion on May 13.

Linton Hall Campus: Stop by KidZone Host desk for the form. If you have any questions, for more information.

June 11 – Orange You glad It’s Summer?

Linton Women’s Ministry
Summer is almost here and we want to show the teachers at Piney Branch how much we appreciate them! After second service, we will be putting together gifts for the summer for the teachers. for more information!

June 11 – Discovering Discipleship

7:30pm on Zoom!
Interested in taking a next step in discipleship? Discover the 4-1-1 and what it means to be a disciple who follows Jesus in His mission to make more disciples! for more details or to RSVP.

July 10-13: Youth Summer Camp

New Life Youth will be taking over the campus of Mid-Atlantic Christian University! This is a great time to learn more about God and build relationships together. We will have different speakers for every session. Cost is $435 or $450 with a t-shirt. Click here to register today!!

Ongoing Events:

April 12 – June 3 – Spiritual Disciplines Bible reading

Receive a daily text and short video
What do we mean when we talk about Spiritual disciplines? Join this text Bible reading group to find out more about several spiritual disciplines now through early summer. Text “Faith” to 703-454-5990.

New Life Merch!

Our online store is an incredible way to start conversations about the church that you call home! Click here to check out the online store. It was designed for the Youth program, but we expanded it to include New Life Logos as well! You pick the item of clothing you like and then choose the color and you will have the option of 3 different logos to put onto the piece of clothing.

Fridays – Celebrate Recovery

Fridays, 7pm @ the nZone
Whether you’re stuck spiritually and don’t know why or have something specific in your life holding you back, CR is a great place to address what’s going on. Just show up on Friday at 7pm or email for more info. CR is the place to begin healing from your hurts, hang-ups and habits.

Future Events

Jun 11 – Parent Commitment
Jun 11 – Serve the PBES Teachers – Linton Hall Women
Jun 11 – Chantilly Small Group Leader Lunch
Jun 11 – Discovering Discipleship
Jun 16 – Third Friday School’s Out Food Trucks
Jun 17 – Passion for Community Delivery
Jun 18 – Father’s Day
Jun 18 – Sunday Services: Chantilly, Linton Hall, & Online
Jun 18 – Father’s Day Car Show – Linton Hall
Jun 18 – Father’s Day Dodgeball – Chantilly

Jun 18
– No Home Youth Groups
Jun 24 – Coffee @ Tous les Jours – Chantilly Women
Jun 24 – Burgers and Bibles – Men
Jun 25 – Sunday Services: Chantilly, Linton Hall, & Online
Jun 25 – NL Youth Group @ the nZone
Jun 30 – Playgrounds & Popsicles

Aug 12 – Church-wide Picnic @ Bull Run