Wayne Gretzky, considered by many (outside Washington) to be the greatest NHL players of all time, once described greatness: “A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.” I once asked the leaders of one of the largest churches in America what the keys were to 40 years of health and growth. He said, “We kept our eyes on the next hill to climb.”

While human nature—my nature—is to look for safe places to settle, Jesus’ calling for the church is always “go.” So, for 25 years God has continually called us to “Go.” “Go start a church in Centreville.” “Go start churches in NOVA, in North America, and throughout the world.” “Go build a 7-day a week space where people experience God before they know it is God they are experiencing.” As we have followed and obeyed, God has never failed to surprise!

Our first campaign was called, “More Than We Can See,” because that’s how God has worked. We wanted to send out high-quality, low cost marketing cards. God created a church marketing non-profit organization at New Life that reshaped the church marketing world at that time. We wanted to start a few churches, God created a church planting ministry that has helped churches on every continent (except Antarctica. Haven’t broken the ice in Antarctica, yet… Yes, that was bad.)

So, when it came time to build, we sensed that God wasn’t merely leading us to build a church building. He was going to do more than we could imagine. Eight years ago, many made significant sacrifices in faith—despite not quite understanding the vision. Today, the nZone changes lives in NOVA and has inspired new vision for churches across the U.S.

But, great hockey players anticipate where the puck is moving. Great churches move to the next hill that needs climbed.

Our next hill is to make room. A few weeks back, an enthusiastic man approached me after second service. “Brett,” he said, “I’m not complaining, but when I drove in today I couldn’t find a parking place. I’m not complaining,” he repeated, “I think it’s great!” Too little parking is a great problem to have, but it’s still a problem.

During the week, too little parking is a safety problem. We live in fear that a child might get hurt because the parking lot is so crowded.

On Sundays, bad parking kills our ability to reach our lost friends and neighbors. As a friend of mine says, “Newcomers don’t need two reasons not to come to your church. One will do.” Let me go out on a limb: People in NOVA hate traffic. They don’t want to deal with traffic and parking on Sunday mornings.

Our Sunday morning seating is not limited by our building. It is limited by our parking. American’s still prefer to attend services between 9 and 11 am on Sundays. However, to expand our seating capacity, we must expand our parking capacity.

Recently, New Life leadership saw God open up an unbelievable opportunity. The land next door, once approved as a hotel site, came available for sale. God went ahead of us so that we had a relationship with the owner before we knew he was the owner! Now, we’ve been able to buy the property and it’s time to develop.

Throughout the history of New Life we have seen God work and build His church in ways we couldn’t imagine. He has grown New Life and changed lives in ways we can only describe as miraculous. Through God’s favor upon New Life and Passion for Community we have credibility in the community and have impacted countless families around us. God exceeded our dreams of starting one new church every year to not only have a family tree of well over 200 churches

but to lead a highly respected national church planting ministry. Almost 10 years ago He provided the “Bud Building” at a price we couldn’t imagine and the resources to convert it to a sportsplex with regional recognition which is bringing new families into His Kingdom on a weekly basis. Yay God!

We believe, I believe, God is on the move once again. He has been revealing to us new strategies to reach people far from God. He has been teaching us how to better disciple His followers within New Life. He has been answering prayers we’ve been asking for years and has now given us the vacant lot just north of the nZone.

As we enter the Fall, we are seeking your prayers and support as we join God in the next season of His church. Join us as we make more room for God in our lives and more room for people at the nZone and New Life

Brett Andrews
Lead Pastor


New Life leaders believe God has made the 5 acres next door available so we can expand.
Expanding parking next door allows us to make room for more of our friends and neighbors to use the nZone seven days a week. Most churches struggle to keep their parking lots full throughout the week. New Life doesn’t have that problem. We struggle to have enough parking spaces for the convenience and safety of our guests. Expanded parking allows us to make room for people on Sunday mornings as well. One church consultant said, “Newcomers don’t need two reasons NOT to return. One reason will do.” Newcomers want to attend services between 9am and 11:30am on Sunday mornings. More parking makes room for more newcomers to experience God on Sunday morning.

Making room also means expanding our outdoor community service opportunities. New Lifers have
great ideas for the land next door. Children’s play area? Soccer fields? Dog park? Volleyball courts? Some of the older staff are hoping for shuffleboard… (not gonna happen). Making room means more opportunities to serve more people.

Making room also means reaching more people by starting more churches. The first 10% of our campaign will help start new churches that reach new people for Christ. Over the years, New Lifers have helped start nearly 250 new churches which reach over 31,000 people every Sunday. Many of those churches were started through past generosity campaigns. Making Room means reaching more people beyond our community.


This project will require all who call New Life their church family to reach out together as we put “others first,” recognizing that our generosity and sacrifice are simply a response to Jesus’ transforming love at work in our own lives.

We have made a tremendous impact on our community providing a welcoming atmosphere for worship, fellowship, and life-changing Bible teaching that builds strong families, mends marriages, and brings hope to the hurting for eternity.

While our history is encouraging, our future is exciting. NOW IS THE TIME to prayerfully commit to the future of NLCC and our mission to reach the world with Christ’s love. We are asking each person who calls New Life his or her home to pray this prayer:

“God, please give me your heart for people who don’t know you yet. Open my heart to courageously do whatever it takes to help New Life reach MORE beyond our walls with HOPE through your transforming love. Open my hands to a lifestyle of giving that reflects your heart and brings HOPE to the world. Lord, I want to follow You in my generosity.”