Feel like it’s time to get a tune-up for your marriage? Or maybe it’s a bit worse from that but professional counseling just seems like too big of a step? Consider Marriage Mentoring. We have dozens of couples trained in helping you work through day to day issues to help get your marriage back on track.

What is Marriage Mentoring?

It is a hands on method of mediation and teaching truth, empowering couples to solve their own issues. It is unique in that it’s very effective for premarital couples, couples wanting to enrich their marriage and couples in crisis. The role of the mentor is to mediate, share biblical truth and confront core issues in a way that is effective. It’s a method that awakens the spirit and produces repentance and forgiveness which opens the heart to biblical truth.

It is based on biblical principles and designed to help couples learn to solve their own problems to set them up for a healthy future. Our mentors utilize scripture throughout the mentoring process that is progressive and effective. They mediate, teach biblical truths and confront core issues.

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