P4P: Passion for Planting Church Planting Ministry

Keeping Church Planters Focused on People

Passion for Planting is New Life’s church planting ministry. As a church planting church, and, through God’s blessing, we have helped start many additional growing churches. When we first began, our vision was to help start one new church every year. In 2002 we expanded our vision to be actively working with at least four church planters at any given time. Through God’s blessing, we have over 315 church plants in our family tree and have impacted countless other church plants by providing free resources, training and project management tools.

Church Plants

Map of Church Plants

The below map shows the churches who are part of our “family tree”. We worked directly to help start the churches indicated with blue circles. Those shown with green circles are “granddaughter” plants. Click on a circle for more information about that plant.

We current provide the following services to church planters:

  • Assessments – We provide Assessments to affirm the call of a potential church planter by evaluating their gifts, passions, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Bootcamp –Twice a year we offer an intensive, onsite training for future church planters
  • Coaching – Need some help as you go through the planting process? We have great Coaches with a lot of experience ready to help.
  • Free Resources – Every church planter likes to download free resources or request free demographics reports.
  • Church Planting Software – We developed a suite of online tools to help church planters plant healthier churches.
  • Residency Training Program – We train future church planters by providing church planting residencies and training both at New Life and virtually via our distance learning option.
  • Project Management – We not only help church planters do the right things at the right time, but serve as their subject matter expert, administrative and legal assistant, and executive minister in the months leading up to launch via our Project Management Services.

And those are just the big things. We also have planter coaching groups, provide phone consultation, church planting grants, and more. One last side note: 12% of all our offerings go toward our church planting efforts. Every time you give to New Life you not only support our local ministry but also help start new churches. We think that’s pretty cool.

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