Christ-Centered, Boy-Focused mentoring and discipleship

Trail Life offers safe, fun opportunities for boys and their dads to discover Christ, develop spiritually, and deploy faithfully. We believe this troop allows young men to experience new challenges, make new friends, and serve others in a secure, faith-filled environment. With lots of opportunities for adult leadership, families can spend time together and share the fun while adults model the important principle of servant leadership for their children.

Participation in Trail Life isn’t just another extra-curricular activity to add to your family’s already busy schedule. It’s an investment in the future of tomorrow’s leaders; instilling values and principles that will benefit our kids and our society forever. The programming and adventures, badges and awards provide a sense of accomplishment and personal achievement worthy of celebration, but it’s the honor expressed, confidence built, and camaraderie fostered through tackling new challenges that is at the heart of these troops.

Fun, risk, honor, safety… these are core values of New Life Christian Church and are shared with the Trail Life troop. All Trail Life leaders are required to complete a background check, and must complete and pass a youth protection course. Choosing activities for our children can be difficult in today’s culture but this safe, wholesome program will equip children to thrive and flourish throughout their lives.

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Joining is easy and everyone is welcome!

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