Jesus told stories from every day life. Paul quoted poets and philosophers. We believe we can use movies for the same purpose. Besides, we just love movies. They can be a great way to learn about God. So every Fall we take a look at some recent movies and use them as a launching point to discuss Him and His truths.

What’s the Movie Series? It’s a sermon series where we incorporate movies in the whole Sunday morning experience and a great opportunity to invite family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors to New Life.

The reason why we do this series is because most everyone loves movies. But sometimes, people are afraid of going to church. So we incorporate the  movies into entire service providing an easy way for you to be inviting your friends to church.

This year we want to be encouraging everyone to invite people over to YOUR HOUSE to watch the movie. So you can “See the Movie with me on Saturday” (at your house), and then “Hear More on Sunday” at the nZone or

If you are an Online attendee or if you can’t make it into the nZone one week, you can host your very own Watch Party. Learn more about it here.