Preschool Playtime has taken a break for the summer and will be back this Fall.

New Life is pleased to be a part of the coolest preschooler event in Chantilly. Every Tuesday and Thursdays 10am-12pm moms, and some dads, of preschoolers bring their kids and friends to Preschool Playtime at the nZone in Chantilly. We’ll have a moonbounce, tunnels, hoops, balls, the parachute, games and more.  While they play you can take some time to catch up with friends, grab a minute to respond to emails, work out, or maybe just relax with some coffee and a good book.

Customer Testimonial:

CFK_Logo-300x255I have been talking my 3 year old daughter to Preschool Time for the past 6 months. It has been a life saver! She has broken out of her shell of being shy around other children and adults, and now runs off to play without Mom the entire time. She absolutely loves to run around the field and bounce with new found buddies in the bouncy castle. It has also been refreshing and a true blessing to meet and chat with other moms in similar situations. I have made new friends and gotten parenting advice that actually helps. The preschool camps have been a blast for my daughter, and she is looking forward to the last 2 weeks of camp. The activities are just at her level and it has been a wonderful transition into preschool this fall. It is every evident all of the child care staff enjoys children and has a good time interacting with them. Keep up the good work!!!