Proverbs is a book found in the Old Testament that is filled with wisdom that has survived generation after generation. This wisdom will lead you closer to God and guide you toward a life of true fulfillment and joy. Just read a chapter a day and in 31 days you’ll have read the whole thing. We recommend reading the chapter based on the day of the month. So on the first day of the month, read chapter 1. On the second, read chapter 2. And so on.

Ever feel like you just can’t understand what it says or what it means? Try reading a modern translation such as the ESV or NLT. Each translation tries to balance staying true to the original meaning with being readable in today’s English vernacular. We find the ESV to balance these well. The NLT is even easier to read but loses some of the power and depth of meaning found in the ESV.

Whatever translation you chose, the important part is to get in the Bible every day. Before reading ask God to help you to understand what you read. Then sit back, read the daily reading in your Bible or using the links below, and trust God to teach you something about His love for you.

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September 17

I think most of us would agree that knowledge is good. But, there is a vast difference between "knowledge" (having facts) and "wisdom" (applying the facts to our life). Without wisdom our knowledge is useless. It's vital that we learn to live out what we know. Chapter 17 of proverbs is rich in both knowledge and wisdom. I would like to bring your attention to four verses. Proverbs 17:3 It takes intense heat to purify gold & silver. Similarly, it often takes the heat & pressure of difficulties in our lives for us to be purified. So when tough times come your way realize God wants to use them to refine our faith and purify our hearts. Proverbs 17:9 This proverb says that we need to be willing to forgive others who have sinned against us. It's tempting in the heat of an argument to bring up all the mistakes someone ever made. However, love learns to keep its mouth shut. As difficult as that may be. Try to never bring into an argument things unrelated to the topic being discussed. As we grow to be more like Christ, we should be able to forgive & forget the sins of the past. Proverbs 17:17 There is a vast difference between knowing someone well and being a true friend. The greatest evidence of genuine friendship is loyalty "loving at all times". A true friendship requires one to be available in times of distress or personal struggles. "A brother is born for adversity". Evaluate your friendships and assess your loyalty. Proverbs 17:27-28 This proverb highlights several benefits of keeping quiet.
  1. it's good policy if you have nothing good to say
  2. it allows you the opportunity to listen & learn
  3. it gives you something in common with those who are wise
I love the saying, " God gave you two ears & a mouth for a reason" Be quick to listen & slow to speak. Practice active listening. Be sure to pause to think and to listen so that when you do speak you will have something important to say. If you wish to be heard you'd be wise to follow this wisdom

-Mike Fewster

Read Proverbs 17

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