Historically, whenever there has been a government collapse (Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Berlin Wall, etc), it is followed by a window of opportunity for evangelism. We believe this to be true for Afghanistan today. Bill, who has done mission work in dozens of countries, has told us that in 20 years from now we will be hearing stories of the great faith and work of the church in Afghanistan following the fall of the nation. Among the thousands of refugees coming to NoVA, there will be many who are open to Jesus.

This is one of those moments where we can be sure a window has been opened. Please pray for those who are working to see how God would use us— uniquely located— to reach some lost souls with the Gospel. You have probably heard there are large numbers of Afghan refugees already in Virginia and more heading here in the coming days, weeks and months. New Life and Passion for Community are putting together a response to aid the Afghan refugees.

First and foremost we need to be praying for the people of Afghanistan, both those who are coming here and those who were left behind. Here are some ideas for prayer:

  • The Nation of Afghanistan. The entire nation is in turmoil and desperately needs the peace that only God can provide.
  • Followers of Christ. The church has been growing rapidly in the country over the past few years. Just in the first week of Taliban rule, a missionary friend of ours became aware of at least 70 who were martyred, including at least 36 house church leaders. Pray for provision for the families of those who have been killed and for protection for those who remain.
  • Women. A routine method of fund-raising for Taliban operations is sex trafficking.
  • Children. Young boys are recruited as soldiers and taken from their families. Young girls are given as wives to Taliban soldiers. Many children are being exposed to horrible evil and violence.
  • Taliban. We are to love and pray for our enemies. Pray for many “Sauls” to become “Pauls” from among the Taliban. This has previously happened to a number of Taliban leaders who are now serving as house church network leaders throughout the region. We need this to happen on an even larger scale now in Afghanistan.
  • Citizens. Pray for the entire populace to become extremely horrified and alienated by Islam as they observe the hate and evil that arise from it. Pray they will turn to Christ as an alternative and not merely become secular.

In addition to prayer, we are working on practical ways we can support refugees. While there are still a lot of details yet to be worked out, here are some of our very early plans and needs:

  1. Collaboration Connections: There are many groups already connected and serving refugees. If you know of a good group/connection we should make, please let us know. It is a priority of ours that we don’t just meet physical needs but that we are able to pray with people and have conversations that may or may not lead to gospel conversations.
  2. Providing Household Goods: Through Passion for Community we will no doubt be providing household goods for refugees as they are placed into housing. CLICK HERE to donate furniture or other household goods to P4C. We cannot guarantee your specific donation will go to a refugee but even if it doesn’t, it will go to a local family in need.
  3. Practical Service: We’re not sure what this looks like yet but we are exploring ways we can serve refugees directly. One possibility is by providing volunteers to lead English for Speakers of Other Language classes. If you want to be a part of serving directly, especially if you speak Ashto, Urdu, or Dari, please let us know.
  4. Bible and bedsheet Donations: We’re sure we’ll need bedding and bibles to pass out. Here’s our Amazon Wishlist. If you know where we can buy bulk bibles in Ashto, Urdu, or Dari that don’t take a long time to get, please let us know.
  5. Financial Donations: If you want to make a financial donation to go toward our support of refugees, CLICK HERE.

No matter how you want to be a part of the effort, email refugees@newlife.church to get connected or for more information.

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