Summer 2016 Summer Internship Recap

September 16, 2016


Summer 2016 was an amazing summer in which we had 5 Interns for the first time. Here is a summer recap video of some of the great experiences the Interns had last summer.


12745655_1136814329675552_2901317593774590162_nTrevor Lieffring “Through this internship I was able to learn that the way you present yourself to others goes a long way. During this internship, I acted in a way that was goofy, yet relational and I was able to connect to the people around me very easily. I looked to keep a positive attitude even when it was difficult to do and because of it I was able to leave my internship on a positive note. I met and made new long-lasting friends that will always have a place in my heart. God is doing amazing things in Virginia and I was blessed to say I was a part of something spectacular.”

11081293_973958489303384_1021798120764103123_nEddie Hoffa“My summer at New Life was definitely a summer for the record books! I was blessed to play the game I love as my summer internship and learn a lot about who I am. No words or a single picture can describe what my summer at New Life meant to me. It was the first summer where I actually did something with a great group of people. The places I saw and the people I met will always stay with me, it was the best summer of my life!”


11255842_1051278121568534_8053825862084996648_nSarah Stacy“On my internship I learned to focus on God and nothing else! Being seven hours away from home allowed for a time of personal growth and development. I learned that you can’t hide from God, that there truly is a time for everything, and to focus on the moment because when you do you will find peace. God brought me here and got me out of my comfort zone which allowed me to figure out who I truly am and what I want to do with my life. I had the opportunity to spend a whole summer being with kids which is kind of my thing and I loved every minute of it.”


12920270_1156719407681260_758606705556293411_nClaire Dawkins“My summer at New Life was definitely fun! We had a lot of opportunities to serve the community and get connected, too. Getting to spend time with students through the student ministry and the kids during camp was a major highlight of my internship experience. I learned that you truly can build relationships wherever you are and have fun doing it.”



13645125_836568106444681_8651522812884156057_nTanner Cox“Through this internship I was able to grow as an individual while also growing in my faith. I learned that God should always be my first priority and that my focus should constantly be on Him. It’s real easy to forget that in a world that tells us otherwise but I have learned to strive daily after Christ and filter everything I do through Him. This internship was a life changing experience where I got to play the sport I love while working and growing alongside some of my best friends.”

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