What’s The nZone?

That’s a great question… It started when we bought a beer distribution warehouse. Yea… kinda odd for a church. But then we did something crazy. We dumped millions of dollars into it and converted it to an 83,000 sq ft indoor sports complex and gym. We put in turf fields, basketball courts, a fitness center, and a cafe. Sure, sports and church sounds like an odd combination, but we think it’s great. After all, when Dr. James Naismith first nailed a peach basket to the wall in 1891 and called it basketball, it didn’t surprise God one bit.

So why sports?

We sacrificed our own needs (an auditorium with comfy seats) and built what a community survey told us you needed: a safe place for our kids to hang out. A place to play after school, a place to build friendships, and a safe place for them to learn some good old fashioned values. Besides… sports are fun. Lots of churches do serious well (and that’s a good thing), but at New Life Christian church we also do fun well and believe that God appreciates fun and games as much as we do.

What’s the catch?

None. But we hope that when life happens and people have questions about God, they’ll come to a service at The nZone because they’ll already feel at home.

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