Drawing on the life and ministry of Jesus, and with reflections on the patterns of past and present movements, Steve Addison provides a roadmap for leaders who want to multiply disciples and churches to the ends of the earth.

Whether pioneering on the edge, riding a wave of expansion, or stuck in suffocating decline, The Rise and Fall of Movements addresses each phase in the movement lifecycle, helping leaders to identify which stage they are at and to align themselves with God’s purposes.

    1. Why movements Rise and Fall
      • Identity: Movements rise and fall as they move towards or away from the life and ministry of Jesus — obedience to the living Word, dependance on the Holy Spirit, faithfulness to the Mission.
      • Strategy: Grounded in Identity (Word, Spirit, Mission), movements that multiply disciples and churches pursue the following Strategies: Pioneering Leaders, Contagious Relationships, Rapid Mobilization, Adaptive Methods.
    2. Leading through the lifecycle of movements
      • The rise and fall of movements follows a pattern — Birth, Growth, Maturity, Decline, Decay. What are the characteristics of each stage and what are the leadership tasks?
      • Rebirth: What does it take to turn a Maturing or Declining movement around?
    3. NoPlaceLeft case study
      • Lessons from the Birth and Growth of a contemporary movement.

Each session is 60-90 minutes long, depending on time available. The workshop includes instruction, group work, question and answer, personal and/or team application.

STEVE ADDISON is a catalyst for movements that multiply disciples and churches everywhere. He is a missions leader, author, speaker, and mentor to pioneers. He blogs and podcasts at movements.net

Steve is the author of:

  • Movements That Change the World: Five Keys to Spreading the Gospel (IVP 2009)
  • What Jesus Started: Joining the Movement, Changing the World (IVP 2012)
  • Pioneering Movements: Leadership That Multiplies Disciples and Churches (IVP 2015)
  • The Rise and Fall of Movements: A Roadmap for Leaders (100M 2019)Steve is married to Michelle. They live in Melbourne, Australia and have four children and two grandchildren. Michelle and Steve lead MOVE (movenetwork.org), a mission agency devoted to training and deploying workers who multiply disciples and churches.

Praise for the Rise and Fall of Movements

“Remarkable…discover what it takes to sustain movements and why they are so important.” DAVE FERGUSON , author of Hero Maker

“Steve Addison is a blast of fresh air.”
RALPH MOORE , church multiplication catalyser, Exponential

“Steve’s best yet—I underlined something on every page.” ANTHONY DELANEY , director of NewThing, Europe

“Many people talk about movements. Steve Addison is one of the few that understands them.” J. D. PAYNE , missiologist and author

“I’ve devoured each book that Addison writes. This one was no exception.” PEYTON JONES , author of Reaching The Unreached

“A needed addition to the evolving literature on movement dynamics.” ALAN HIRSCH , award-winning author