Whether you are engaged or just considering getting married, you came to the right place. We really enjoy helping couples celebrate one of the biggest days of their lives and preparing them for a marriage that will last though thick and thin, demonstrating to the world around us what marriage can and should be. As holy union between a man and a woman, marriage forms the basis of a Christ-centered relationship meant to reflect the relationship Christ has with His Church. Marriage done right blesses the couple and our community as a whole, bringing glory to God.

Our ministers do the best they can to perform weddings within a reasonable driving distance. You may request a specific minister to perform the ceremony but we cannot guarantee anyone’s availability until after we have received a completed wedding officiate/minister request form. The typical fee for having one of our pastors officiate your ceremony is $500 but may vary depending on the circumstances and should be discussed with the officiant. You should be aware we rarely book weddings less than 2 months away or more than a year in advance.

In addition to completing the above form, you should also be aware of the following:

All our ministers require pre-marital counseling with an approved counselor prior to the wedding. We have a number of volunteers within the church that can provide this service which is typically six 2-hour sessions. We encourage couples who are considering marriage to complete the counseling prior to their engagement. The process can be very affirming and help you discern whether you should get married. We encourage you to submit a request for premarital counseling as soon as possible.

You are responsible for obtaining a marriage license in the jurisdiction where the wedding will be held. In Virginia you and your fiancé must appear before a Clerk or Deputy Clerk of your local county/city Circuit Court to obtain a license. VA licenses are valid for 60 days. Click for more info. Requirements in other states or the District of Columbia can also be found online. Your license should be given to the Officiating Pastor or Wedding Advisor at your wedding rehearsal. If your wedding will be outside of Virginia, please notify the minister as soon as possible to ensure they can legally conduct the wedding in that jurisdiction.

Recognizing weddings are solemn events, we will work with you to craft a service appropriate for you. This is a time to celebrate and affirm your love for each other, as well as a time to give thanks to God for all of His gifts. You will work closely with the minister as you plan the details of your wedding ceremony to make your wedding a reflection of your relationship to each other and your commitments to God and each other. You will be given ample opportunity to personalize your ceremony. Let your pastor know if there are specific Bible passages, readings, or music that you would like to have included.

A full rehearsal must be scheduled for any weddings involving more than 20 guests or a wedding party larger than 4 people at a time that also fits into the Officiating Pastor’s schedule. All participants (including bride, groom, bride’s maids, groom’s men, ushers, ring bearer, flower girl, bride’s and groom’s parents), and pastor(s)) must be present and on time for the rehearsal. The typical length of a full rehearsal is 60-90 minutes, depending on the size and complexity of the wedding ceremony.

If you want to rent the nZone for your wedding, please contact us at 703-266-0118. Since the nZone is a sports complex, rather than a traditional “church” building, we do not have a sanctuary. We can and have hosted weddings in the basketball courts where the church meets and in the Keg Room which is a medium sized multi-purpose room. We are also an alcohol free facility.