Discover God for the First or Millionth Time

We help people discover the life they’ve always longed for by creating safe places where people can ask questions about God. We also like watching funny videos.

Common Questions We Hear:

  1. How do I get there?    
    New Life is one church that meets in three locations. We meet in Chantilly at the nZone, in Bristow at Piney Branch ES and online. Click here for the specific locations!
  2. What time should I arrive?
    If you have children, you may want to arrive a few minutes early so you can take your time getting them checked in. Service times vary by campus. Follow the link above for the answer.
  3. Will I fit in?
    You sure will. And just to make sure come in a way that’s comfortable for you. Most people will be dressed casually, jeans and their favorite sports jersey, and have a cup of coffee in their hands.
  4. What should I expect?
    Everyone is on a spiritual journey. You can expect a place that accepts you just the way you are right now regardless of where you are in your journey. You should also expect us to make you laugh.

At New Life we have some simple rules we ask every one to observe:

  1. No perfect people allowed! If you got it together, you’re at the WRONG place.
  2. No making out in the back row! Unless we give you permission.
  3. Relax! We don’t bite and you’ll have more fun.
  4. Laugh! We think we are funny, plus, laughter is healthy for you.

What’s the bottom line? New Life is a fun place, a place where you can ask questions, a place where you can discover truth, a place where you can find connections, a place for people looking for meaning in life.

Often new people wonder what the sermons are like at New Life. We podcast and post our sermons weekly. But rather than let you randomly pick one, here’s a good one to get a good idea about who we are and what we teach.

The Story: Chapter 28 – New Beginnings from New Life Christian Church on Vimeo.

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