At Dinner One Night

December 8, 2015

I work for a church and recently a neighbor apologized to me for saying a prayer before we ate dinner at their house. Let that sink in. They know I work for a church. Even asked me how the church was doing, but felt the need to apologize for a pre-dinner prayer. One member of the family even added, after “in Jesus name,” “Or whatever deity you would like to thank.”

images-3If I am being honest, I have been struggling with this. I am not sure if this a commentary on my personal witness, on our society or both. I am not sure if as a non-traditional family, they felt they might be stepping on my beliefs and needed to say something. I am not sure if they are so used to apologizing in their circles that it came naturally. Or is it that I have not been bold enough in my own faith and beliefs?

No matter the reason, I believe I need to step up my game. It was the second time in a single day I had been challenged to think about how I actively lead people to God. And I think that conversation, brief as it was, tells me I need to use words more often.

Have you had an experience like this before?  What was it like and what did you do in response to that?  Share below.

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