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July 9, 2015

IMG_2321We’ve been doing a lot of cleaning recently and ran across this old, analog newsletter from 2003. As I flipped through it, I got excited all over again about the great stuff God has done through New Life. One article in particular stood out though. All the way back in 2003 we already had a dream; a dream that would one day be the nZone. Check it out…

“At the end of 2002, we were under contract to purchase 9.2 acres of land on Pleasant Valley Rd. During the study period, our Leadership Team concluded the property was not the best for our vision. We continued to search. In June, we found 11.2 acres in a better location (on Route 29 in Centreville) and for a much better price. We are currently finishing the study period to verify there are no problems with the property. Everything looks good so far. We also continue to search for land in Loudoun County.

IMG_2322So what is our vision for using land and what kind of place would we build?

A place that people in our community feel is theirs, even before they visit New Life on a Sunday morning. It’s a place that feels like a Starbucks, but different. A place with Chuck E. Cheese fun for kids, but distinct. It has the vibe of an Olympic Gym, but better. It’s a place people find fun, exciting, safe, relaxing, and has that added something they can’t quite put their finger on.

We would say that it’s a place where disconnected people can experience God – before they realize they are experiencing God. It’s a place for seven-day-a-week community usage that has the Fall Fun Fest effect: People arrive intent on fulfilling a felt want, and leave touched by the One who can meet their real need.

The huge potential in this kind of place is that it would allow New Life People to invite their friends to a safe place where they could experience God together. The huge win is when you invite a friend to work out at the gym, and they initiate a spiritual conversation because what they sense in this place is so different. The huge win will be when you invite your friend to join you for coffee and a scone, and it makes them more open to an invitation to Sunday morning. The huge opportunity is to break down spiritual barriers that keep people from God.”

Wow… God always has been and always will be working upstream to accomplish His work. Yay God!

Comment below how God has used the nZone in your life or in reaching a friend or neighbor.

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