A Public Thank You

July 11, 2013

From time to time we get notes of encouragement at the church office. They always make us smile and while we don’t do what we do for public recognition, we love it when we get to see people take next steps and/or make choices that honor God. We received a note this week that just made us smile for a number of reasons so I felt it a good chance to thank the sender of the note publicly but also recognize everyone who has made similar sacrificial choices this summer.

To New Life-

We will be traveling and will not be around for the next couple of services. To make sure we don’t spend our offering while on vacation I’ve enclosed a check. Please allocate half of it toward TBC.

Thank You!

Also want to thank you for putting the video messages online so we can watch the two we will miss. Really enjoying the series on prayer.

So thanks to everyone who recognizes that while you are away on vacation ministry is still happening. We are hosting hundreds of kids in camp this summer and sponsoring almost 50 of them in our own camp. Your generosity throughout the summer enables us to serve others. And yes, our sermons are online. The videos are typically posted on Monday and you can watch or listen any time 24/7.

We are considering starting a live stream every Sunday. If you are interested in helping us make that happen please [email-obfuscate email=”tomp@newlife4me.com” link_title=”email us”].

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