Amy went to Israel Part 1

December 5, 2018

Amy goes to Israel

Our 2018 trip to Israel just concluded and we thought it’d be fun to share some thoughts from Amy, one of the participants. Her adventures will be recounted in a series of days as she did such a great job capturing what she experienced that we didn’t want to edit anything out. As your read her experiences we would love for people to consider going on a future trip. In fact, we’re currently considering a trip next May if we can work out the logistics and if there is enough interest. If you want to go click here to let us know.

I’ve been debating about posting any pictures at all… or some during the trip or waiting to post them after. I’ve decided that posting a few significant photos each day will not bore you all but also help me keep a travel journal of sorts so I don’t forget this.

So here we go…. Day 1 & 2 was mostly getting to Tel Aviv and losing 7 hours in the process.

Day 3 (today) was amazing. We went from Tel Aviv to Caesarea by the Sea, dedicated to Caesar Augustus by Herod the Great (the dude who killed all the Hebrew babies trying to get rid of this Jesus fella). Herod (and Pontious Pilate) resided in the palace there, and Herod built a huge man-made harbor by filling boats with rocks until they sunk.

Next stop was Mount Carmel, the site of the showdown between the Prophet Elijah and the 450 Prophets of Ba’al and 400 prophets of Asherah. (1 Kings 18) This site was a little easier for me to close my eyes and imagine being there… VERY cool.

Then it was off to Mount Arbel. Omg talk about a view. We could see almost the entirety of Jesus’s ministry in Galilee from him walking on the waters of the Sea of Galilee to lower Galilee where he traveled and preached quite often.

And Finally we landed in Tiberius, the city founded by Herod the Great’s son, Herod Antipas. Even though Jesus never went to Tiberius specifically, it’s 20 minutes by car from where he did that feeding the 5,000 and walking on water trick, so he was close. (John 6)
Tune in tomorrow for Magdala, Capernaum, the Mount of Beatitudes, Nazareth, Mary’s Well (mother of Jesus) and the Church of the Annunciation.

First off…. HAPPY THANKSGIVING from across the world!
Wow, today was a big day. So much information and so many places I think my head is spinning. I’ll try to be brief…ish.

Day 4 started out at the ancient city of Magdala. Bet you know where this is going! Yep, Mary Magdalene lived in this very important fish processing town. She was the woman for whom Jesus cast out 7 demons, (Mark 16:9). Magdala is also where one of only 6 first century synagogues (the only one on the Sea of Galilee) have been discovered. There is a very good chance Jesus stood in this very spot.
Then it was off to Capernaum. This was thought to be where Jesus did most of his public ministry. 5 of the 12 disciples were from here (Peter, Andrew, James, John and Matthew) and this is the site (excavated) of Peter’s house where Jesus healed his mother in law (Matthew 8:14-15). Capernaum is also where Jesus performed many other miracles.

After Capernaum, we left for the Mount of Beatitudes where the famous Sermon on the Mount took place. (Matthew 5:1) Blessed are the guys who sold me a tiny coffee for 22 sheckles. #coffeeislife #itwasworthit

Finally it was off to Nazareth where the Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary to tell her she would have a son (Luke 1:26-38), where Mary and Joseph eventually settled, and where Jesus grew up.

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