The Life-Changing Impact of Reading the Bible Daily for a Year

December 26, 2023

Reading the Bible

Do you desire a deeper connection with God? While we may all desire to connect with God more, the reality of packed schedules and conflicting priorities, this can easily get pushed aside for seemingly more urgent tasks. But what if you choose to make reading the Bible part of your daily life for a year? What do you think the difference it would make in you?

Here are some ways encountering God daily through daily Bible reading can make a life-changing impact on us.

Transforms Us

When we set aside time to spend with God daily, it provides us an opportunity to get fuel, focus and renewal for the challenges we face throughout the day. Reading through the Bible each day you begin to see the Bible in broader context. The people you meet in the Bible and its Godly teachings come alive as we connect our circumstances to God’s timeless principles. We begin absorbing Kingdom values, seeing people through Christ’s eyes, responding rather than reacting in every situation, discerning God’s wisdom and voice over life’s distracting noise. The closer we walk in God by reading the Bible daily, the more our thoughts, words and actions align with His.

Gain Biblical Understanding

Reading the Bible unveils crucial connections between Old and New Testament peoples, prophecies and promises. We get to see God’s unfolding plan of redemption through Christ. The broader context and connections revealed in reading the Bible provides deeper understanding that we can apply into our lives daily.

Cultivates Healthy, Spiritual Habits

Just as physical muscles strengthen you through consistent training, establishing consistent Bible reading habits bolsters our faith. While it may be hard at first, overcoming the initial excuses and distraction, reading the Bible each day can become essential to our wellbeing. What also helps is some accountability and encouragement through online groups. There are lots of great Groups reading through the Bible right now. Click here to find a group for you.


The new year offers a perfect fresh starting point to experience God daily. Then, not only will you grow, it will impact those around you and come in contact with. Choose to spend time daily with God and see him it makes a life-changing impact it has on you and others.

If you would like to start reading the Bible daily this year, click here for 5 different reading plans. 

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