I’m privileged to be a member of New Life’s Prayer Team.

Prayer Team members are well-positioned to see all the many ways that God is blessing us as a church and as individual members through the feedback we receive. As a team we go to God in intercessory prayer for all the burdens our folks bring before us, their health concerns, relationship problems, financial and employment issues, etc. But our prayers move beyond individual requests, as important as they are, to also praying strategically for New Life Christian Church and the role God has for us in His Kingdom. It is in that capacity that we’re holding a special day of prayer for New Life and the nZone.

screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-4-45-41-pmHere’s the deal. Five years ago the nZone opened for business and New Life moved in. To celebrate God not only doing ‘More Than We Could See’ but going ‘Way Beyond,’ we will conduct a prayer vigil and prayer walk on November 19th. During this special time we will commemorate the anniversary, honor and praise God for His blessings, and seek God’s face, guidance, and direction for how we can grow and stretch as a church into the future.

The 24-hour prayer vigil will start at midnight on Friday, November 18th and go until Midnight on Saturday the 19th. We’re asking New Lifers to sign up to pray for 15-minute intervals during that time. You can pray at the nZone, at home, during a break at work, or wherever is convenient for you. We’ll be providing resources to help and have additional activities that day on-site at the nZone. Are you willing to pray with us? If you are here is the way you can participate. Go to newlife.church/prayervigil and commit to praying for one or more of the 15-minute time slots. At the site simply select your prayer time and then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the “Submit and Sign Up” tab, and it is clear from there what to do.

New Life Staff and the Prayer Team will also be hosting a prayer walk from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM Saturday afternoon, November the 19th . The prayer walk will be at the nZone and will take you through six prayer stations and conclude with giving you an opportunity to express any thoughts you have on what New Life and the nZone have meant to you and to share any guidance God may have given you on how we can grow and stretch into the future. We hope you will avail yourself of these opportunities to praise and honor God.

~Ron Furgerson & the New Life Prayer Team