Over the past 2 months, we have been learning about different spiritual disciplines. There have been 12 we have covered and encouraged practice of in hopes that the more we practice these spiritual disciplines, the more likely we will be able to incorporate them into our daily lives. This past week we looked at what it means for the Holy Spirit to guide you and how we can celebrate what God has done. Here are 3 lessons learned from the past week.

Let the Holy Spirit Guide You

Do you ever feel a nudge on your heart to do or say something? Or, whenever you are reading the Bible, do you feel convicted by what you are reading, feeling the need to take action? That could be the Holy Spirit working in you. When you get those nudges or encouragement to act, take time to respond to the call. Tom Hamberger shares about this as he encourages us from John 16:13-14 in this devotional.

It’s Important to Praise God Daily

God has blessed us all richly and differently. However, we don’t always pay attention to the blessings He has provided us. If you are struggling with what you can praise God about, take time to read Psalm 103 and watch this devotional from Sean as he encourages us to praise God daily. 

Give Praise to the Humble King

praiseJesus could have come down and been a wealthy king, He could have had people bow down and worship Him daily. However, He choose humility. He lived His whole life as a humble king. In Luke 19, the people of Jerusalem knew who Jesus was and all He did for them. They praised Him and, as Brett shares in this devotional, we should too.

By learning about and trying these different spiritual disciplines, it can help you grow in your faith. It can stretch you as you incorporate these different disciplines which will hopefully become part of your daily life. To be part of this group, text the word “Faith” to 703-454-5990. In addition to this, to be part of other Bible Study encouragement groups where you can pick out other Bible Studies to do throughout the year, go to this page.