A First for New Life

December 10, 2014

online campus logo thumbWhat better time to start something new than during the holidays?  This week the Online Campus will host the first ever rebroadcast of Sunday services!

You might be asking: “A rebroadcast?!? What is that?” It is a replaying of a modified  Sunday service. During this rebroadcast, guests will have the opportunity to “chat” with Tom, our Online Campus Pastor or one of the other Chat Hosts. It allows us to help people Discover God in a very interactive way as well.

So, this Thursday at 8 pm EST and Saturday at 12:30 pm EST, we are showing our first ever rebroadcasts of New Life services.  AND, we’d love for you to be a part of it.  How?  There are a few ways:

  • Tell your friends on Facebook or Twitter about the service so they can take part.   For instance you can post, “On Thursday at 8 pm EST,  Stan Rodda starts our Christmas series by talking about Mary, mother of Jesus.  Watch at https://watch.newlife.church”
  • Join us and chat in the Chat Room so that you can engage those new to the Online Campus.  Go to https://watch.newlife.church and join the chat room to the right of the screen.  It’s a very interactive way to experience a church service.

Again, it is a very exciting week for the Online Campus and we’d love for you participate in it and spread the word.

If you have any questions, please contact the Online Campus Pastor, [email-obfuscate email=”tomp@newlife4me.com” link_title=”eTom Pounder”].

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