New Life is going through the book of Genesis right now and there is so many great lessons to be learned. If you are not currently reading through Genesis right now, you can still start! Just text “Genesis” to 703-454-5990 or join the Facebook Group to discuss these and much more here.

As we walk thought Genesis, here are 4 lessons learned from Genesis 8-14.

God’s Promises are Fulfilled

In Genesis 9, God promises never to flood the world and, as Brett shared in his devotional, values human life. Since that time, there has never been a flood to wipe out humanity. As Lamentations 3:22-23 says, “Because of the Lord’s faithful love we do not perish, for his mercies never end. 23 They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness!” God is faithful and fulfills all his promises. Trust Him and follow His plan for your life.

Glorify God’s Name

In Genesis 11 we see the people of the earth try to build a huge tower to get to God. At this point in the Bible, Noah’s family had spread over and they wanted to make a name for themselves. They were seeking to glorify their name rather than God’s name. And, they were unsuccessful as God thwarted their plans. You can watch Brett’s devotional about it here. In your life, seek to glorify God’s name above your name and see how He works in your life and the lives of others.

Trust God’s Plan

In Genesis 12, God calls Abram to leave his homeland and go to the place He is directing him and he will be a great nation with countless decednancts. This was a big deal for Abram because families stayed together. They didn’t leave. But Abram trusted God’s plan. Even in Genesis 13 when Abram and Lot separated, he trusted God’s direction and let Lot take what seemed more desirable. Abram trusted God’s plan and it worked out great for him and the nation of Israel. It’s also an encouragement for us all to trust God’s plan for our lives, even when it doesn’t make sense. Watch the devotional for Genesis 13 here.


When we spend time with Christ daily it impacts us and others. That is why we want to provide opportunities for people to know God’s Truth and practically apply it to their lives. At New Life there are a variety of Bible reading plans you can be part of this year. You can be part of the Genesis Series by texting “Genesis” to 703-454-5990 or you can find other devotionals with more in-depth descriptions of each one here.

What are you learning from Genesis 8-14? How have you been encouraged? Share below.