Jealousy, trust issues, dealing with impossible people and redemption. These are just some of what happened during Genesis 30-36. But what do all of these stories mean for us today? How do these stories and lessons apply to use today?

As we continue to walk thought Genesis, here are 3 lessons learned from these passages.

Give Control to God

In Genesis 32 we see that Jacob wrestles with God. What were they wrestling about, we do not know entirely, but Jacob definitely left with an injured hip. We all struggle with God from time to time. For instance, we wonder at times if HIS way the BEST way for me. We wonder if we can trust God and give him control. We wrestle with God about these issues and that’s ok. But give God the opportunity to come through for you. Give him control and let Him direct you daily. He will lead you to where you need to be. He has done it all throughout history and will do it for you, if you let Him. To watch to he devotional, click here.

Forgiveness is Possible

Jacob and Esau have had a really strained relationship over the years. Finally, after Jacob stole Esau’s blessing AND inheritance, Esau burned with anger and wanted to kill Jacob. Jacob then fled and the family was separated for many years. But, in Genesis 33,  we see that forgiveness is possible. Redemption is possible. Watch the devotionals for Genesis 33 here and Genesis 34 here.

Starting Over with God

In Genesis 35 we see that Jacob gets a new name. He will be called Israel from that moment on, carrying on the covenant that God made with Abraham. God has a new name in store for you, as well. You are beloved, an heir, forgiven and so much more. Embrace all who God has called you to be. If you need a fresh start and need to turn your life over to Christ today, we would love to talk to you about what that looks like. Feel free to email us anytime. To watch the devotional on Genesis 35, click here.


When we spend time with Christ daily it impacts us and others. That is why we want to provide opportunities for people to know God’s Truth and practically apply it to their lives. At New Life there are a variety of Bible reading plans you can be part of this year. You can be part of the Genesis Series by texting “Genesis” to 703-454-5990 or you can find other devotionals with more in-depth descriptions of each one here.

What are you learning from Genesis 30-36? How have you been encouraged? Share below.