Gospel in 90 Days

May 30, 2019


Summer is almost here!

I know it feels like there are still about 1,743 days until school gets out, but summer really is right around the corner. For New Life, that can only mean one thing, our summer Bible reading time is about ready to start!

This summer we are mixing it up a bit and only reading the first four books of the New Testament. Taking our time, we will get to see Jesus’ life and ministry through the eyes of eyewitnesses and interviewers. We will look at Jesus birth, what He said and to whom, His miracles, His life, and His death.

I am excited to spend time concentrating on Jesus each day this summer and I hope you are too!

Pick up a reading guide, download the app, check it out online: whatever works best for you. Jesus in 90 starts June 1st and can be found here.

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