Today we celebrate Veteran’s Day to honor all of our past and present Veterans. We are thankful for our friends, family, and neighbors who serve and have served in the past.

The American Heritage Girls from New Life’s Troop 122 recently honored veteran’s by welcoming their Honor Flight to Dulles airport. Veterans are brought here to see the monuments in Washington, DC, and be honored for their service. Listen to what one veteran had to say about his welcome:

We had our Honor Flight this past Sat. the [September] 15th and was so moved by one of your young ladies who welcomed us to Dulles Airport. Saw this young lady in the crowd with her sign as we entered the terminal but was on the opposite side so couldn’t thank her as the place was packed. Later we got to the bus and someone said look at that girl. It was the very same girl with her sign jumping up and down waving her sign. Later she stood on a barricade jumping up and down and as we rolled out she followed the bus out waving. Just wanted you to know how much this meant to all of us and let you know your program does a great job. I would love to tell her personally how much her being there meant to us. She brought tears to an old man’s eyes from 50 years ago. Thank you and Job Well Done.”

That’s Just Great Stuff.