Churches spend a lot of time and energy on Easter services and special events. After all, Easter is one of the most significant events on the Christian calendar each year. While Churches do a lot, often times, what makes the biggest impact each Easter is a simple personal invitation from you to a friend, family member, co-worker or neighbor.

Think about it, most unchurched people will not simply show up to a church they know little about, even if it is Easter Sunday. An anonymous announcement or social media post holds little motivation for them to overcome the intimidation of walking into an unfamiliar church alone, where they know no one. However, when someone they know and trust invites them with a warm, personal invitation, it bridges a relational gap.

As a follower of Christ, while serving is important, one of your greatest impact this Easter may not be through serving on an Easter Sunday. Rather, it could very well be through simply opening your mouth to invite family, friends, neighbors or coworkers to one of the Easter services.


One of the ways you can invite others by simply asking if they have any plans for Easter weekend. You can shares some of the creative and compelling things your Church is doing this particular Easter for adults and children. If you don’t know all the information at the time, you can offer to send them more details later. It could be a great way to follow up with them. Let them know you’d be honored to welcome them as your guest and explain more about what Easter means to you and your family.

Make personal invitations a priority conversation, not just handing someone an advertisement. However, if you know they got an advertisement in your community, you could always take that over to them and ask them if they saw it. Then, mention to them that this is your Church and you’d like to have them come along with you and your family for Easter. Assure them that you understand that they may initially feel uncomfortable attending but you simply want them to hear a Bible-based perspective on Easter’s significance. For those indicating any openness to attending, make sure you follow up in the days leading up to the services.

One last way, is to make a video invitation and posting on social media. Now, while a generic social media invite is not as effective, posting a video of you inviting people to attend Easter services with you is a really good idea. You could even include your family with you as you share. It doesn’t need to be long, but communicate where you are attending, what service(s) you are going to attend and how they can contact you if they have more questions. Keep it short and concise, but these invites are effective, too.


God’s vision remains that people far from Him hear the truth of the gospel and have opportunities to respond. You likely have co-workers, loved ones, and friends who fit that description. This Easter, don’t merely promote – pursue them with wise, loving personal invitations!

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