One of the biggest sporting events of the year is happening this weekend – the Super Bowl! Parents and kids, friends, and families alike all huddle around the TV to watch some football, a ton of commercials, and eat lots of food. Regardless of what team you are rooting for, the Super Bowl is a MUST WATCH event.

While getting together to watch the Super Bowl is exciting, it doesn’t have to be just about watching the game. This day can be a great opportunity for you help people Discover God.

“What?!? You want me to ruin a great, fun time with others by talking about God?!?”

As odd as it seems, the Super Bowl presents a wonderful opportunity for you and your family to share about Christ.

Here are a couple of ways to help people Discover God during the Super Bowl:

  • Invite some friends over for a party and share about Church or Christ with them. Now, this isn’t a bait and hook thing where you invite them over to watch football, but then you have them watch a rebroadcast of a previous service. No, that will get awkward really quick. But what you could do is over the course of the football game, use different opportunities to share about something that happened at Church, something you learned from a sermon, or something your children are learning from the Children or Student Ministry.
  • Invite 6th – 12th graders to the Super Bash at the nZone. New Life’s students hold an annual Super Bowl Party called the Super Bash annually where they have most of the nZone to watch the game, play a ton of games, have a chance to win some cool prizes, and eat a ton of great food. And not only will the teens be able to do all this, but they get a chance to hear about Christ. During halftime, they shut everything down and do some fun things, give away some prizes and have a student or two share about how Christ has made a difference in their lives. It’s a great, non-threatening way for teens to hear about Christ for maybe the first time.

The Super Bowl is always a great event, no matter who you are rooting for. And if you tweak your mindset just a little, it could be a wonderful outreach opportunity for you and your family.

What do you think? Share a question or thought about this below as you process what you can do.