Starting with Ash Wednesday, Lent has begun this week. We do not celebrate in outright ways many of the traditional Christian holidays the way some churches do, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take advantage in some way.

I want to suggest a Bible reading plan on Lent. You can find it on YouVersion here.

Lent is not just a season to give something up, although you can. It’s a season to be filled with the presence of God in preparation for God’s greatest display of love and kindness toward us, the resurrection of His Son. That said, I want to invite you into 40 days of prayer beginning this Sunday, March 5. I am going to pray 3 things every day through this season and want to invite you to pray them with me.

  1. God, let me hear your voice so that I can follow and obey you.
  2. God, allow me to see what you are up to in the upper story so that I can walk in closer alignment with you.
  3. God, bring to mind someone in my circle of influence who needs the power of your Son in their life. I commit to praying for them this season and I ask for the boldness to invite them to join me on Easter Sunday at New Life.

These are the 3 things I am committing to pray every day beginning this Sunday. I hope you will pray along with me and then take action! Thanks for doing what you all do. Praying for you during this great season in the Christian calendar as we move towards Easter.

– Stan