Spring break is coming! And when spring break comes, that usually means Spring is here. Warmer weather, flowers and the Cherry Blossoms blooming, longer days, playing outside, and getting back into the swing of things with outdoor sports again. It is a great time of year.

As great as spring time is, there is always that spring cleaning that comes about as well. Yes, that dreaded spring cleaning. Well, it may not be such a dread as it gives you the opportunity to clean out and clear things out from winter. This is especially great if you have had a lot of sickness over the winter months. Open the windows, do some cleaning and get those germs out.

Because of spring cleaning, this gives you a great opportunity to reach out to people in your community. So what could you do with your family this spring to reach out to your community and help out a little? Here are some ideas:

  • Offer to help with yard work. Now this time of year is perfect for people helping other families with yard work. However, most of the time it is businesses who are being paid to do the work. What a great opportunity you have to go around and offer to clean out weeds or mulch beds or even mow some lawns…for FREE.
  • Organize a Clothes Drive. With spring comes the giveaways of old clothes. Try going around the neighborhood offering to collect clothes from families to drive to the local donation drop off center.
  • Offer refreshments while they work. Every spring and summer there are always kids selling lemonade or ice tea on the street corners. What if, instead of selling lemonade and ice tea on the corners, you went around on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon and gave away drinks, popsicles or event treats to those working in their yards. Who knows, maybe a great conversation will start because of it.
  • Spring Break help. Many of our neighbors are traveling during spring break. Why not offer to pick up the mail/newspaper while they are gone to help out. If you are a pet person, offer to take care of their special furry family member by pet sitting or taking them for their afternoon walk so they don’t have to pay a service to do it.

During the winter, a lot of families stay inside because of the cold. But when the temperatures start warming up in the spring people start being outside more. That gives you a lot of opportunities to serve others and help your neighbors. It could yield to come great conversations and who knows, maybe someone will want to come to Church eventually because of the acts of service and conversations that came about.

What do you think? What other acts of service can you do this spring in your community? Share them below and your stories.