Just the other day my youngest daughter asked me, “What’s a ‘pager’?” It took me a minute or two to try to explain to her what a pager was. After all, she has never known or seen a pager in her life. It is amazing to how quickly technology changes. What seemed to be Star Wars technology years ago is everyday technology for us today.

Because technology is advancing so quickly, that also provides us opportunities that we didn’t have before to share about the good news of Christ. Previously on the blog, we shared how you can use digital tools such as your cell phone to send encouraging texts and how you can use Facebook to set up a community support for those in need. But there are other ways you can use technology as well.

Share a picture of you with your friends and family at Church. Whether it is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat people are always sharing about places they have been. You could definitely take a picture of you with others and post about church on a Sunday morning. If you say where you are and even drop the church’s website on it. There is a good chance someone might check it out, especially if they are looking for a church that day.

good newsInspire others with Bible verses. I regularly see encouraging quotes and sayings on social media. Why not share an encouraging verse that you read that day on your social media? A few years ago I read through the Psalms and I would post verses that challenged or inspired me while I read. The cool thing was that I got a lot of positive reactions from people saying, “thanks for sharing this” or “this encourages me.”

Host a church Watch Party. New Life streams every service on Sunday morning LIVE and then it shows again throughout the week on our YouTube page or Church Online Page. You could invite a friend or two over to your house and have Church in your house. Make it a party where you have food together, maybe even play a quick game, and then conclude by watching the service or just part of the service together. This can be a great way to introduce someone to God and church who may be hesitant to go to a church building, even one that meets in a sports facility.

We are very blessed these days to have a lot of useful technology right at our finger tips. And with these tools, we can use it to share the good news about God in some way or another. God can use anything positive or encouraging we share on social media to minister and help people. But if we don’t share it, He can’t use it. What is one thing you can do, post, or share good news today that will point people to Jesus?